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  • CLIENT: Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi)
  • SIZE: 5250 m²

The Children’s Library in Abu Dhabi will be similar to a life-size pop-up book. As the children roam around the library, they will be introduced to their favourite stories in analogue and digital formats.
By creating a colourful and imaginative universe, the content of the library is brought to life, allowing the children to immerse themselves in literature through interaction, reading, and listening. Moreover, the library is designed to spark curiosity and excitement amongst the children and draw them into the world of literature. In this way, the library will inspire a new generation of readers by combing 3D learn/play areas and diverse social spaces where the children can engage in a rich collection of books of different genres.
The three storeys of the library each have a theme inspired by the diverse landscape of the UAE to bring the content of the books alive. The ground floor features the exhibition and workshop areas while the 1st floor will transport the children to the desert, inviting the children to play and learn on “sand dunes”. Visiting the second floor, the children will experience an oasis theme with “falaj” water channels flowing with books.

The visionary library is designed in collaboration with the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi and is part of the masterplan reinstating Qasr al Hosn site as Abu Dhabi’s cultural heart and integrating the library in the existing Cultural Foundation Building.