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  • Hvide Sande Resort
  • Hvide Sande Resort
  • Hvide Sande Resort
  • Hvide Sande Resort
  • SIZE: 34.400 m² NEW BUILDING
  • YEAR: 2012

The Hvide Sande Resort aims a contributing positively to the development of Destination Ringkøbing Fjord into one of Europe’s most popular holiday home destinations. The concept shows a centre for theme based holidays, which focus on nature experiences and outdoor activities. The project has the following general question as its starting point: “how can we create a holiday resort that is based on authentic and intimate experiences and shaped by the natural forces, which have created the characteristic landscape of the Danish west coast?”

The Hvide Sande Resort is located between fjord and beach – that is two distinctive coast lines with different qualities that form the basis for a diverse holiday. The characteristic western wind shapes together with the sea and the vegetation the dune formations of these landscapes.

With these conditions in mind the resort is laid out in a starfish plan with a compact centre as the development’s highest point. In this way the built-up area’s outer edges meet the landscape with a decreasing scale of buildings while at the same time reducing the resort’s total footprint. The layout naturally pulls the landscape in between the buildings and gradually deflects the wind from the outer edges towards the centre.