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  • Villa_Vue
  • Villa_Vue
  • Villa_Vue
  • Villa_Vue
  • LOCATION: Aarhus, DK
  • SIZE: 633 m2 villa
  • YEAR: 2018-7

The villa has a magnificent coastal setting with a spectacular view of the city of Aarhus and Mols Bjerge National Park. This unique site and the opportunity to enjoy the life by the sea strolling the beach, swimming and having dinners overlooking the beautiful seaside are important guidelines for the villa design. That’s also the reason for naming the project Villa Vue!
Villa Vue is a modern reinterpretation of the traditional L-shaped house. A geometry that supports a sheltered and attractive outdoor living on the terraces and making the fantastic view an integrated part of the house. Moreover, the villa has a characteristic roof that protrudes as sculptural eaves protecting the interior on sunny days while simultaneously creating a sheltered outdoor area.
Besides the two terraces that extend the first floor and slide into stairs connecting the villa to the surrounding garden, the house offers a skyline terrace, a panorama terrace and a secret terrace connected to the master bedroom.
To underline the sculptural villa as one cohesive design, the roof and the facades will be covered in the same copper material, while wooden sections constitute the rest of the primary material.