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  • A collection of CEBRA Architecture publication - CEBRA_files 01, 02, 03.
  • CEBRA Architecture publication - the Experimentarium
  • The Iceberg
  • The Iceberg
  • We Build Drawings – a new CEBRA book made with Dutch FRAME publishers.
  • We Build Drawings – a new CEBRA book made with Dutch FRAME publishers.

The CEBRA_files series
Since 2007 we have published three CEBRA_files books. Three monographic portfolios including our projects and architectural ideas, designed in the same format and with the same nerve and ambition – to thoroughly present our works and share our conceptual ideas.

The latest volume, the CEBRA_files_03, is published by Berlin-based DOM publishers, and the book’s 400 pages is a graphic tour de force through our architectural universe, richly illustrated with hundreds of drawings, illustrations and photographs. Furthermore, CEBRA_files_03 contains interviews and articles written by i.a. Amy Frearson, editor at Dezeen, the internationally acclaimed American architect Neil Denari and the Danish architectural writer Kristoffer Lindhardt Weiss.

The CEBRA_files_03 is released both individually and in a slipcase edition also including the volumes 01 and 02. The slipcase edition is already sold out, but you can still buy the 03-stand-alone edition at DOM’s website

Pony Tricks – Design Document Series
The book “Pony Tricks” includes CEBRA in the well esteemed monographic DD Series from the acknowledged publisher, DAMDI Publishing, who since 2003 have been publishing comprehensive books on selected international architects.

The CEBRA pony is one of a kind, known for its cheeky, intelligent nature and love of tricks wherever it goes. In this book, the curtain goes up on CEBRA’s playful universe in a graphically mastered monograph spotlighting some of the main themes that run throughout CEBRA’s architecture.

DD (Design Document), a form of Mook magazine, is a monograph of young architects of the world. Architecture is now a multinational field of study, and this series provides a channel of communication between young architects across the world who desire to share architectural knowledge. The series carry a list of experimental architectural works which represent the philosophy and know-how of architecture and all the brilliant ideas of young architects. The book also gives a general glimpse of recent architectural trends among the world young architects.

The book is available from the architecture bookshop Architectura.

We Build Drawings
We Build Drawings – a new CEBRA book made with Dutch FRAME publishers.

Architects do not actually build buildings. What we build is an idea. To visualize it, we build drawings. The evolutionary process of how aphorisms develop into precise architectural concepts is illustrated through a collection of over 200 sketches and watercolours. The book sheds light on how architects may develop ideas and communicate them with hand drawings. The book includes a written version Mikkel Frost´s TEDx Talk on hand drawing.

We Build Drawings is relevant for both professionals and students. It will inspire and entertain all people interested in architecture for hours. Visit FRAME for more details and to get your own copy.