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  • SIZE: 670 m2
  • YEAR: 2019

The wealth of nature and culture-historical attractions in the National Park Thy manifest themselves like beads on a string in the magnificent and untamed landscape from Agger Tange to Hanstholm. The West Coast Path and Redningsvejen compose/represent the string, which enables you to experience the vast park as a continuous destination from a bicycle or hiking through the park. With a central position in the national park, the new visitor centre will become a natural focal point communicating the overall story of the park.

Our proposal for the design and organization of the visitor centre is inspired by the context and its importance as the pivot of the national park. We propose an open and welcoming building that functions as a stepping stone to the surrounding nature. An obvious place to start or end the exploration of the national park. A building that both prepares you for your visit in the park or expands your understanding of the dunes, the moors and the plantations that you have experienced before visiting the centre.

Our design can be described as both building and nature. It stands out in the context as an architectural indicator, while simultaneously resembling the natural context, thereby emphasizing the connection between nature, culture and landscape distinctive for the national park. Thus, we propose a passage rather than a building. A welcoming passage in the transition between nature and village that becomes part of the national park’s cycling and hiking routes. This passage is designed as a destination in itself – an interesting experience during opening hours and after closing hours – in season and in the off season – just like the national park. The visitor centre is designed as a flexible structure connecting the interior with the exterior and inciting people to enter, to pass through it – and across/above it.